Creatively Outfitting Your Home With Green Plant Inspiration

Every home needs a piece of organic nature in it to complete the ambiance and for healthier living. There is something to be said for a home that brings in beautiful greenery while still keeping a decorative appeal throughout.  For many homeowners artificial greenery is a substitute for live plants and while they may look the same, natural plants are healthier for your indoor environment and will grow over time for an ever-changing “landscape” in your home. If you are thinking you just have to stick a plant in a corner, how about changing your decorative ideas about green plants and use these creative tips for outfitting your home.

green plants centerpiece
Bring greenery naturally into your interiors

Green home inspiration for your interiors:

Transform your interiors with the simple addition of greenery in a gorgeous vase gracing your living room or dining room table is a great place to start. While many only consider potted plants, fresh cut blooms, your favorite green plants from your yard, or simply a bowl of fresh herbs find a home beautifully as a centerpiece on your favorite table. Sit fresh greenery next to your nightstand at night and wakeup to a beautiful display of inspiration every morning! When choosing the right vase, ensure it fits the height of your green plants. For example long stemmed roses should be placed in a tall vase, while small sprigs of flowers will look beautiful in small glasses and silver cups. Get creative when choosing plant containers and try and mimic the decorative style of your surrounding interiors.

green plants bedroom
Place plants symmetrically in your bedroom for natural inspiration

Place plants amongst your existing decor:

The beauty of green plants is their ability to coordinate with any colors, patterns, and furniture in your home. Placing plants amongst a bookshelf with books and decorative items creates a beautiful backdrop to furniture and softens the lines of the hard linear shelving. Also consider displaying plants in prominent locations in your home – your front entry or on a front porch will welcome guests to your home. Create a focal point by using multiple plants in an asymmetrical or symmetrical layout on your bedroom dresser, on a fireplace mantle, or hanging in your bathroom. Succulents or air plants are beautiful additions to any bathroom and will add unexpected natural inspiration to your bathroom.


green plants home decor display
Place plants amongst your existing decor
green plants planters window box
Bring outdoor greenery into your home interiors

Bring unexpected color with green plants:

Even though green plants are predominantly one color the planters that you find to hold them in can bring decorative style and color to any space. Create a do it yourself project by painting your own planter that you get from a local nursery. A splash of paint, spray paint, or even stencils to match your surrounding decor is a nice way to coordinate your home with living plants. Consider planting succulents in small terrariums around your home, they look great on display shelves, and coffee tables. Depending on the type you choose, this subtle color will bring light to any dull corner in your home.

green plants decorative planter
Create a customized look with coordinated planters

Bring more life to your home with the addition of green plants. Try these creative options for displaying and planting organic and natural foliage around your home. You will be surprised how the addition of some new green “family members” in your interiors will make everyone feel happier and healthier.

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