Creatively Making Your Multilevel Living Room Comfortable

The beautiful part about a multilevel living room is the sense of modern designed interiors in a creative, and airy atmosphere within your home. In years past, older homes were more compartmentalized and each room had their own function. In modern interiors, open plan living allows the ability to interact with your guests from an adjacent room when entertaining and mutli-storied living spaces feel more spacious and comfortable. If you have a home that has multilevels and you are trying to find ways to make it more welcoming, here are a few ideas to get started with.

living room multilevel penthouse
Unify your multilevel living spaces

Create a unity between your multilevel spaces:

For many homeowners there may be a challenge when trying to bring design styles together in multi-levels. Whether you are having troubles visualizing how the separate levels will relate to each other, or you are trying to pick colors and materials, try to keep one unified theme throughout the entire space. Furniture, wall coverings, colors and materials should all be from a similar color pallets and style. Materials such as in an urban loft can carryout throughout your levels. Concrete, stainless steel, chrome, leather and industrial materials make for a beautiful multistory urban loft.

living room multistory balcony
Add visual interest to your multistoried living room

Use a focal point to engage the eye: 

Accent walls, fireplaces, and stairwell catwalks are architectural and designer details that create an eye-catching focus.  Creative uses of architectural detailing such as coffered ceilings, exposed timber beams, and large decorative mirrors over a dramatic fireplace can add drama to any multilevel home. Many homeowners use murals, wall art and faux painting techniques to capture the eye of guests as they walk into their multilevel space, what ideas could you use?

living room multilevel windows
A fireplace, mural wall or artwork can draw the eye in

Changes of level with stairs:

Stairwells are a great way to change levels and add visual interest with hand railings, banisters, and monumental stairs that look beautiful. Whether you separate rooms with a few stairs or you decide to divide your levels with a dynamic stairwell – embrace the idea of varying floor heights to add visual excitement and drama into your open-spaced interiors. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home think of stairs for an easy solution to improving your boring room.

living room multilevel
Living room will subtle stairs to add drama to the interiors
living room multistory wood
How does the view look from your upper rooms?

The view from above: 

If your home has a balcony, or multiple levels, remember to look down when decorating. Consider the scale of decorative artwork, and sculptures in proportion to adjacent furniture. Ensure large pieces don’t tower over guests on the first floor, but can be seen from above.

Your multilevel home should have a comfortable feel but also show a dramatic edge to fit your modern home. Use these helpful tips to create multilevel living that fits you and your family’s lifestyle. After all, the most important part of your home is to create a space your family will feel great in!

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