Creative Ways To Store Your Firewood This Autumn

Now that the weather is turning cooler and autumn has settled in the chill in the air is forcing us to look for warmth indoors.  Fireplaces, outdoor fire pits on the back patio, and portable fireplaces become normal activities as autumn continues and winter breathes from around the corner. One of the forgotten elements of having a fireplace is where to store all of the firewood for the fireplace! While it maybe easy to stack up a pile of wood next to the fireplace, it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. Here are some creative ways to store your firewood this autumn and still welcome in the crisper cool temperatures.

wood storage indoor fireplace
Create a beautiful area to gather your firewood

Keep outdoor firewood dry but still look beautiful:  

There is nothing worse than having wet wood and not having an area for it to dry out. Fortunately outdoor firewood storage has come a long way from just stacking it on the side of the house.  Clever solutions such as under bench seating storage is a beautiful way to create a decorative yet functional way to store wood, and have it available for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits in a convenient fashion. Whether you build your own do it yourself bench area out of wood, concrete, pavers or brick, ensure the area can stay dry and is in close proximity to your fire sources. If you plan on using this area for access for your inside fireplace, think about walking distance into your home too. Close to a patio or porch door or even garage entrance will work out beautifully.

wood storage outdoors
Keep wood dry outdoors
wood storage outdoors architecture
Wood storage can meld into your outdoors ambiance

Firewood finds an architectural spot near your fireplace:

Creative solutions for wood storage such as decorative racks made from wood, and wrought iron are popular solutions for housing wood, but many designers have incorporated an architectural flair to storing wood. Alcoves, or niches located above or to the side of the fireplace create a designer look for the entire room that the fireplace is housed. Which once was an afterthought has now taken center stage and your fireplace becomes the focal point of the room.  If you plan on designing your own architectural firewood storage addition beside your fireplace, ensure you measure the dimensions of a piece of firewood to ensure pieces don’t protrude out into the walking area around your fireplace.

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wood storage interiors over fireplace
Wood storage above your fireplace

Match your fireplace style with its firewood storage: 

In this modern day fireplaces have come from just being a hole in the wall of brick to features of our home that take our breath away when guests walk in the room. Match your interior design style with a great looking firewood storage area. Open fireplaces need storage that is combined within the fireplace area or at least close by. If you are looking for creative ideas for freestanding fireplaces look to internet and artisan websites that feature hand crafted and custom varieties. If you are in the process of designing or building your home, ask the architect or contractor if they can build in a firewood storage area, you will love this functional and stylish addition.

wood storage traditional
Traditional firewood storage stands are still gorgeous

Your fireplace no longer has to be lonely as it has the firewood storage area to keep the ambiance going aesthetically and functionally!  Use these creative tips for firewood storage indoors and out. Cuddling up to a cozy fireplace will be made that much more enjoyable this autumn and winter season.

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