Creative Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace

A lot of home owners have a fireplace yet for one reason or another they are not able to utilise it. However, instead of simply letting the fireplace sit there dormant, why not turn it into the main decoration piece in the room? If you read on you will discover some extremely creative ways of making your fireplace the focal attraction in any living area…

Quirky use of logs.

Fakee fireplace

There is something extremely festive and fun about this fireplace. This is a great idea to  go for over the Christmas period. It is warm, snug and inviting. In fact, wood itself actually physically adds warmth to the room in which it is placed. Thus, whilst you may not actually be able to light your fire, you will still get an added bit of high energy. Furthermore, by opting for logs that are of various shapes and sizes you generate further intrigue and captivation.

Vintage suitcase display.

Fakee fireplace

This is a unique option yet one that works really well. If you are looking to generate a vintage feel in your living area then this will be one of the easier routes to go down. You can get your hand on a couple of vintage suitcases at a cheap price and thus you will easily have a five star fireplace in your home.

Book storage.

Fakee fireplace

If you are a keen reader then you will probably have the trouble many others do when it comes to finding space to house all of your books. Thankfully a fireplace offers an innovative alternative. You can easily store your books here and make the room look cool and quirky whilst doing so.

Incorporate a selection of candles.

Fakee fireplace

This is another interesting use of a non-working fireplace. There is something extremely vintage and old school about this idea. It will definitely bring the tradition to your home. Not only this, but it is worth noticing that this is a way of bringing the fire to your living area without physically creating a fire from logs for the fireplace.


Fakee fireplace

Or why not simply add some flowers to your fireplace? This is an extremely easy and effective way of giving your fireplace a new look. Not only this, but if you are having trouble deciding on how to decorate the fireplace, then flowers can always provide a helping hand during the period you are trying to make up your mind.