Creative Ways to Bring Life to Your Small Porch

Your porch will always remain the first impression you make on the minds of first-time guests to your home. The way you decorate your porch, especially if it is small, goes a long way to improve the curb appeal of your home. It does not necessarily take much for you to bring life to your porch and could include adding a few bistro chairs, table, flowers, furniture cushions etc.

So, if you need an outdoor haven in your home, a place where you can always relax while you watch and appreciate the wonders of nature, reflect on life’s journey in absolute tranquility, then it is time you take bold steps to bringing life to your small porch with the following ideas.

small porch ideas
Make the most of your cozy front porch

Seating option ideas:

If yours is a small porch, adding a table and two or three bistro chairs will let you have an outdoor space where you can entertain a couple of guests without blocking the entrance to your home. For a more intimate seating arrangement, you can go for two chairs that are placed across each other. The arrangement should be such that you are still able to have a clear view of your environment from whatever angle you are sitting.

small porch idea view
Ensure your seating is proportional for your porch
small porch idea chairs
Rocking chairs are a great idea for a relaxing porch

Add beauty with hanging plants:

The idea of using hanging plants or wall planters is so that you don’t take up the little space in your small porch with series of flower pots. The wall planters can be hung along the edge of your porch and the hanging trailing flowers or plants could be by the walls of the porch or from the ceiling, depending on how high the ceiling is. You can also place a few pots of plants and flowers on the porch steps and create a lively mood in your little space. Take care though, not to let the pots get in your way or that of your guests.

small porch plants
Warm up your porch with greenery

Pep up your porch with accessories:

If you desire a consistent design style, then the cushions and rugs you place in the porch should blend with the interior decor. This does not mean having exactly the same style but picking up a few accent colors and matching them with the cushions or rugs will sort of tie the interior and the porch together. Make sure that the design of furniture you go for will not be too big for your small porch so that you can enjoy the space as much as possible without objects getting in your way.

small porch seating ideas
Decorate your porch with varied seating options

Who would have thought you could get so much out of your small porch? With the above ideas, bringing life to your tiny space becomes very easy and doable without taking a chunk from your savings. Go ahead and enjoy watching your surroundings, comfortably seated in your porch. Just think, the more time you can spend beautifying your front porch, the more time you can relax and enjoy nature in the upcoming months!

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