Creative wardrobe on carrier cables

If you don’t like large boxes in your wardrobe for any reason and you would rather opt for an alternative, here’s an interesting idea: a wardrobe on carrier cables. It’s a quite unusual idea but this doesn’t make it less functional. As you can see, the final result looks simple and practically. Another great advantage is that this unit takes little floor space and would be a nice alternative for small spaces.

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To make a similar wardrobe you’ll need the following supplies: 2 identical segments of cable, 4 hooks, anchors or dowels for attaching the hooks to the ceiling and the floor, 2 pieces of lanyard, electrical terminal blocks and steel crossbars. You’ll also need some tools: a drill, screwdriver, knife, measuring ruler and tape and wrench. You can find most of these items at the hardware store. Before starting to drill holes in the ceiling and the floor, decide where you would like to place this unusual wardrobe. You should find a space that you’re happy with and that you won’t decide to change later because the holes will still be there.

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You don’t need many instructions since it’s pretty clear what you have to do. Mark the point where the holes need to be, use the drill to make them and also decide how many shelves you want to have and the distance between them. The steel crossbars can be used for the coat hangers and can be placed at any level. Make sure they sit straight and do the same for the wooden shelves. You could also paint the shelves for a colorful look.{found on instructbles}.