Creative Use Of Pallets In A Simple Yet Sophisticated Barcelona Apartment

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this apartment has a total surface of 80 square meters. In 2007 it was completely renovated by Barasona Design. It now features a very creative and intriguing interior which uses unusual materials and has a comfortable modern feel. The décor looks very natural, mostly due to the materials which have been used in the project.

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As you can see, the apartment tends to have a rough and unfinished look but it’s all intentional. Wooden shutters were designed for the windows which is an unusual element, especially in modern or contemporary spaces. But this is not the most interesting element.

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The bed is very creative. It’s suspended above ground level and it has a base made of reclaimed wooden pallets. Pallets are commonly used in contemporary design but, in this case, they have been used in a rather intriguing way if we also count the fact that the bed is suspended.

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The playful bed is not just one of many interesting design elements. The apartment has an open plan with a glass-encased shower and washbasins placed basically in the same room as the bed and the rest of the furniture. The tub is also part of the same type of design. Overall, this space has an intriguing look. It has a natural and calm feel and it incorporates elements such as a brick wall and recycled furniture.