Creative Tips For Organizing Your Cluttered Bookshelves

You may not have known this but there comes a time, in every cluttered bookshelf, when it a cluttered bookshelf could use some well-needed organization. This brings about the question of what to keep, what to throw away and how to go about it all. Are there books you no longer need or not interested in reading even in a long time to come? It is time to do a complete overhaul of the bookshelf and with the following creative tips for organizing your cluttered bookshelves, you are sure to find yourself doing justice to your project.

bookshelf bedroom
Create a focal point with a well styled bookshelf

Start with a decluttered shelf:

There is no way you would be able to properly organize your cluttered bookshelf if you don’t remove everything from the shelf. After dusting and polishing the shelf, it is then time to start reorganizing the books properly. Failure to do this, you might just end up spending more time than necessary carrying out the project since if you get it all wrong, you would have no option than to start all over again.

bookshelf hallway
Create bookshelves that are colorful

Styling and decorating your bookshelf:

If you have a bookshelf that is not very full, leaving it bland would make the shelf look plain. One sure way of making the bookshelf attractive is by adding your favorite decorative items or even family and personal pictures. It is all up to you to decide how you wish to categorize the books in your shelf. You can choose to have them categorized by title, author or subject. Other options that would work very well for you include categorizing your books by colors and heights. If possible, let the books you have read be arranged differently from the ones you have not read. These options make it easier for you to get books when you need them.

boookshelf den
What type of bookshelf organization tips could you use?

Choosing which books to keep:

If you are organizing your bookshelf and you don’t donate or give away those books you no longer need, your bookshelf might not really be said to be organized. Although it is hard but it is necessary to choose which books go and which books stay. This way, you won’t always have a cluttered shelf.

bookshelf geometric
Creative bookshelf idea

Ensure you love your finished bookshelf:

This is the only way you determine how well you have done. Step back and evaluate if the bookshelf is unnecessarily full and if it is, you have to rearrange it. You should also evaluate if there are certain books that stick out, showing they are not where they are supposed to be. If this is the case, remove the book from there and put it where it should be.

styled bookshelf white
Betty Wasserman

With these creative tips for organizing your cluttered bookshelves, you will then agree with me that getting your bookshelf organized is not a difficult task to carry out. With proper coordination and styling, your bookshelf is sure to be the cynosure of all eyes each time you have guests in your home.

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