Creative Side System For Fans Of A Fashionable Black and White Color Theme by Fimar

Fimar is an Italian company which is specializes in the production of beautiful and high quality furniture for living rooms and bedrooms. Personally I’m a big fan of black and white furniture , and here is the Creative Side System created for those who love the neutral colors. The system was designed to allow the users o hide a lot of stuff behind the TV and not spoil the stylish interior design with colorful disks and other items.


It’s a very stylish piece of furniture that has the advantage of being functional as well. It provides plenty of storage space for all your books, CDs, DVDs and magazines or other items that you might want to include in your living room. The idea of including a secret storage space behind the TV is actually very clever. I wish other designers have thought about that too.

Black-and-white-living-room-furniture-with-functional-tv-stand-creative-side-system-by-Fimar-3-554x370View in gallery

Black-and-white-living-room-furniture-with-functional-tv-stand-creative-side-system-by-Fimar-2-554x360View in gallery

Black-and-white-living-room-furniture-with-functional-tv-stand-creative-side-system-by-Fimar-1-554x294View in gallery

Maybe they will borrow the idea from now on. The design is very simple and the black and white combination never gets old. It’s a classic design that will die being elegant. So if you’re searching for a practical piece of furniture that is beautiful and elegant as well, your search is over because this one is perfect.