Creative planters made of recycled old books

Gartenkultur. an italian design company, has found a way to turn old books into new decorative pieces, by turning them into very nice planters. It’s a very ingenious and the planters can even be made at home if you have respect the specifications. You can either use a big fat book or a stack or several slim comic books or magazines.

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Basically the planters feature a simple hole drilled inside the book. The hole is filled with soil. Isolation material is needed to prevent the books from getting wet. It’s a great way of recycling old books. Everyone has books that he either doesn’t need anymore or that are ruined in some way and can’t be used. Instead of just throwing them away you can use them to create a very original and ingenious planter.

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These planters can accomodate some plants and flowers but they really seem to be very appropriate for bonsay trees. however, I think that after a while they will eventually get ruined and you’ll have to replace them. This is not a big problem because they are easy to make and they look very cute and interesting. They are a great decoration and an eye-catching piece for every home.