Creative Outdoor Dining Ideas for Your Easter Brunch

The spring has just arrived and Easter is right around the corner. During this time of year, the weather remains warm which is just perfect for enjoying outdoor events such as wedding parties, pool parties, and brunch/lunch/dinner parties. So, you can easily enjoy your Easter brunch by setting a dining table at any suitable outdoor space. A sunny spring day sets an ideal atmosphere for having Easter brunch with family and friends.

easter brunch outdoor garden
Prepare your Easter outdoor brunch with plenty of spring colors

Set up the Eating Area

If you already have an outdoor eating area at your patio or backyard garden, it is time to clean off the table and chairs and sweep away the filth and muck that the winter storms left behind. Otherwise, you can also create a natural outdoor eating area very easily. Choose a suitable place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Construct a wooden arch and use a mounting vine flower to cover the arch. It will appear as a shade of vines and greenery. To complement the natural look, you can choose wooden table and chairs besides bamboo- or canvas-made placemats.

easter brunch gathering area
Plan a relaxing area for your guests to gather before eating
easter brunch outdoor home mediterranean
Set the scene for a perfect outdoor brunch

Choose a Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement will depend on the number of guests you are expecting to attend the meal. If it is a family gathering, a small table with a few chairs will do the job. However, if you are expecting a good number of guests, select tall, square tables that can be estranged and positioned around the eating area. While arranging the chairs, you have to make sure that they should not be crunched together, making plenty of elbow room.

easter brunch patio outdoor area
Choose a seating arrangement and table setting that fits your theme

Set an Inspiring Table for your Guests

Setting up a nice centerpiece for the table is essential for setting up the festive and party mood. A porcelain pitcher filled with forsythia branches will complement the bright, sunny atmosphere outside. Daffodils, a known face of spring, can be used to create a bright centerpiece for the dining table. A bunch of white and yellow daffodils in a footed glass will grace a table washed in sunlight. Another good centerpiece for the table can be made by putting a layer of moss in a big dish and then, filling it with some shimmering eggs. You can decorate the eggs at home by taking wooden or cardboard eggs and painting them in different colors. Then, apply glue dots with sprinkled glitter on them.

easter brunch romantic dining
Set a romantic Easter brunch in an intimate setting

Table Decor

A formal and charming touch can be given to the table by setting a pink theme. You can use delicate pink-rimmed dishes, pink-colored floral-printed napkins, and some small glass jars filled with decorated eggs highlighting pink shades for this purpose. Apart from flowers and accessories, fruits can also be used to decorate the table. Halved orange and lemons in some transparent glass or crystal bowls will add a fragrant and colorful touch. To add more freshness, keep an orange and a lemon in front of each bowl. The seating covers and tablecloth should reflect the color theme used for the rest of the table décor.

Dining outdoors at holidays like Easter is a treat indeed. So, if the weather is permitting, no point is there to stay cooped up inside. Bring your festivities outdoors where nature and the fresh air will bring joy to your guests, and will be just adjacent to the Easter egg hunt for the kids!

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