14 Ideas for Creative Nursery Wall Art

As soon as you begin thinking about themes and ways to decorate your new nursery, you will realized how freeing the task can be. Decorating a nursery means to can think outside the box and get as creative as you like. That includes storage, fabrics, paint colors and wall art. Especially wall art. It’s incredible what well places wall decor will do for your space. As you look through these 14 ideas for creative nursery wall art, let out your inner child and be inspired to create something beautiful in your child’s nursery.

pom pom garland

Garlands are a good place to start when you’re needing to fill wall space. A simple pom pom garland like this one can be a purchase or a DIY project in whatever colors will match the rest of your nursery. Then you can drape it over a crib or changing table or that empty corner that you need to fill. (via Tara Dennis)


Pinwheels are such a nostalgic toy. You probably played with them when you were young. It’s no surprise though that they make a great wall art addition to your nursery. With all the scrapbook paper options out there, you can make them yourself in any pattern you can think of in an afternoon. How’s that for thrifty nursery art? (via The Little Umbrella)

tissue paper pom poms

Tissue paper is another affordable option for nursery art! Whether you call them pom poms or flowers, make a few in some bright colors and fill an empty corner or hang a few small balls above the crib for baby to enjoy. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

animal stick swings

Wall art doesn’t have to be for decorative purposes only. With a little cleverness, you can make your nursery art double as storage. Some branches from the backyard hung from the ceiling will put your child’s stuffed animals on display, making the toys the art piece. (via Garden Therapy)

bright bubble piece

Are you trying to go bright and bold in your nursery? Then you’ll have to try this little DIY. Decide which colors best suit your theme and paint away for a unique art piece that your child will love from birth until they move out… And even then they make take it with them. (via Paper and Stitch)

star mobile

Mobiles are a great place to get creative when you’re decorating your nursery. These 3D stars are simple to make and they’ll be a very effective art piece, whether your theme is Peter Pan or solar systems. (via Casa De Lewis)

solar system nursery

Speaking of solar systems, this is possibly the most creative use of embroidery hoops I’ve ever seen in a nursery. Choosing a theme that’s a little more grown up allows you to spend a little more time and money on the wall art because your child will love it longer than Pooh and Peter Rabbit. (via Lemon Drop Life)

alphabet wall

Alphabet walls are a classic for nursery art these days, which means there are so many ways to create one. Gluing patterned fabric to painted white letters has to be one of my all time favorites. At the end, you can use your fabric scraps to create other art or even sew a matching quilt! (via The Love Nerds)

animal marquee light

Did you know that marquee lights aren’t that hard of a DIY project? This adorable giraffe marquee light was modeled after a pink iced animal cracker. If you have a child, you know exactly what that is and will applaud the resemblance. Plus, your child will love having some art that looks like their favorite snack. (via A Joyful Riot)

Driftwood wall art for nursery

Putting your child’s name up on the wall is nothing new in nursery art. But it is a starting block for you to get creative. Driftwood makes a great medium for letters, or you can use pinecones or laurel branches. It’s a great way to incorporate vintage into your nursery. (via The Little Umbrella)

origami rabbits

You won’t find more adorable rabbits than these. With just a bit of origami practice and some pretty pastel paper, your child can fall asleep gazing at these beautiful 3D rabbits on their wall. (via Spearmint Baby)

fake taxidermy

Faux taxidermy has come and gone in the trends so you might have a cardboard deer head in your closet. Give it a new life by hanging it in your nursery! Whether in a gallery wall or all alone, it will make a great touch. (via The Little Umbrella)

stars garland

I couldn’t resist another garland. A sparkly beauty like this is sure to catch your child’s eye each time you enter the room. And like I said before, stars will match with most any theme you have, minimal to boho. (via On a Sweet Sugar Rush)

birdhouse gallery

When it comes down to it, gallery walls are just the best. So feel free to gallery away anything that matches your nursery theme. Birdhouses, adventure quotes, embroidery hoops, whatever fits your fancy. (via The Little Umbrella)