Creative Ideas That Show You How To Park Your Bike Indoors

Bicycles are very popular and they have lots of reasons to be. Not only that they can turn out to be very efficient means of transportation is crowded cities but they also have lots to offer even after they become old and unusable. Our article entitled “Give your old bike a second chance and turn it into a beautiful and original decoration for your garden” can give you plenty of ideas. But bicycles can become a burden especially when you live in an apartment or when you don’t have a garage and have to keep it indoors. But that problem can also be solved. Check out the “DIY wall bike hanger made from old bike parts“ we’ve presented a few months back. In addition, we have found plenty more ideas to share with you.

Basement wall bike hangView in gallery
Wall-mounted bike hanger in the basement, perfect for both vertical and horizontal positioning

An easy and popular solution would be to hang your bike on the wall. This way you can also turn it into an unusual but eye-catching decoration. Mounting the bike on the wall is not difficult at all. You just have to make sure the hanger is sturdy and that the spot you have chosen doesn’t incommode you in any way. You can store your bike on the hallway, at the entrance, underneath the staircase but also in some more unconventional spaces such as the bedroom, office or media room.

Decorate with a used bikeView in gallery
Vintage bike used as a décor piece, casually leaning against the cabinet
Understairs storageView in gallery
Modern staircase with wall and clever under-stair storage for the bikes
Wall bike hangingView in gallery
Eclectic living room featuring two bikes used as décor details
Bedroom bikeView in gallery
A serene and calm modern bedroom with a strategically-placed bike as décor
Loft bike hangingView in gallery
Ingenious indoor storing system for the bike in the living room
Long narrow hallway bikeView in gallery
Space-efficient bike storage system on the entry hall
Living room bike storageView in gallery
Old bikes used as décor, leaning against the under-stair wall
Living room loft bike fanView in gallery
Colorful modern living room featuring a vintage bike used for décor purposes
Blue wall bike hangView in gallery
Simple, clean and modern living room featuring a wall-mounted decorative bike
White room bike hangView in gallery
Airy and bright living room featuring a solitary bike leaning against the wall

If you don’t want to use your energy for mounting the bike on the wall, you can just lean it against a wall or a piece of furniture. The mudroom would be a perfect place for that but if you’re creative you can also come up with other solutions. The key is to avoid treating your bicycle as a means of transportation or as a dirty and rusty piece and to start seeing it more like something with lots of potential, a decoration that could add uniqueness to your home.

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