Creative Glass Toothbrush Holders by Brad Turner

The toothbrush is a common object used by everybody. At the same time, it represents a personal object that cannot be borrowed. Another quality of the toothbrush is that it keeps us healthy. It helps us to have healthy teeth and not to pay too many visits to the dentist.As the toothbrush has so many qualities, we have to think of a special place for it too. Here it appears the toothbrush holder and in case we want to choose something special for our toothbrush, we can think of the glass toothbrush holders designed by the Canadian designer, Brad Turner.

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These glass toothbrush holders have a special design; they look like vases, where we usually put beautiful flowers. They are handmade from flowing hot glass, so they have interesting and modern shapes too.The glass toothbrush holders designed by Brad Turner bring life to our bathroom as they have different colours and an air of modernity and high style.