Creative Ways To Make, Decorate Or Use A Rug

There’s not a lot of say about except maybe that they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, just everything else. But as usual, there’s more to the subject than just that. For example, have you ever considered actually making your own rug or changing the look of one you already have? Also, have you ever wondered how else you could use a rug except for the intended purpose? Get ready to find some answers to those questions.

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Let’s start with the interesting part. How else could you use a rug other than to cover the floor? Well, you could use it to cover the railings on your staircase for example. In fact, a blanket could also work in this case. First you need to measure the railings and then the rug and to figure out how to cut it. After you’ve cut the rug into several sections, staple the pieces to the stairwell. You can also cover the steps if you want.

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Now let’s see how you can make a rug from scratch. One option is to knit the rug. You’d require a pair or size 50 US knitting needles, four skeins of yarn, a tapestry needle and scissors. Also, you’d need to have some basic knitting skills and also to knot how to stitch things. You can find the pattern and detailed instructions about the project on handsoccupied. You can use a single pattern or combine several. Also, you can use different colors if you want. There are many ways to customize this project.

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You can also make your own yarn shag rug if you want. A detailed tutorial is provided on ehow. Here are the things you’ll need: a few skeins of yarn in various colors, a larch hook tool, larch hook rug canvas, scissors and an iron. First cut the yarn into small pieces. Decide how long the pieces have to be depending on how high the rug should be. Then start using the larch hook tool to loop and knot each piece of yarn onto the canvas. You’ll need to patient with this part because it takes a long time to finish the whole project.

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Don’t like sewing or knitting? Then maybe you’d like better the project featured on adventures-in-making. This interesting-looking rug is made of old T-shirts. You’d have to built a loom for this project out of plywood and scrap wood or anything else you have around. Put nails along each edge. For the rug itself you’ll need a few T-shirts, something to cut them into strips and a ruler. Cut the shirts into loops and strips. Align the loops on the loom as shown in the tutorial and then weave the strips through them.

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You can use a somewhat similar technique to make a woven rug like the one featured on abeautifulmess. The required supplies include four pine boards, twelve wood screws, a box of nails, a drill, a hammer, cotton twine, jersey yarn and a tapestry needle. Use the boards and nails to build a loom. Then start weaving the yarn to make rows. You should figure out what pattern or design you want before you start this part. The design suggested here is pretty cool and easy to make.

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If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of actually making a rug from scratch, you can choose to customize an existing one. You can easily do that with paint and tape. For example, use tape to make a striped pattern and then paint inside the lines using different colors. At the end, you can add colored fringe. You’ll find a more detailed description of the project on ournerdhome.

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Finally, there’s also another option you can try: painting the floor. In this case there’s no actual rug involved. You’d basically be painting a rug directly onto the floor. You can draw the design yourself on paper and then transfer it onto the floor. After that, take some paint and a paintbrush and start outlining the whole design. You could also use a stencil if you can find out. This innovative and ingenious idea comes from kaaatieharvey.