Creative DIY monoprint fabric to use with your pillows

If you love to be creative then this should be your next project. It involves painting and sewing and it’s both fun and practical. We’re going to show how to make monoprint fabric. You can use it for pillows, blankets and anything else you can think of. Let’s see what you need for this project. First you’ll need some fabric and, of course, paint. You’ll also need freezer paper, brushes and a rolling pin.

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Start by laying down some freezer paper on the working surface in order to protect it. When everything is prepared, take another sheet of paper and use it as a creating surface with the shiny side up. Next, decide on the colors of paint that you’re going to use and the design you want to create. Apply paint to the paper and try to be fast because the paint has a tendency of drying rapidly. After you’re happy with the design, take the fabric and lay it over the painted paper.

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Using more freezer paper, cover the fabric. Then use the rolling pin and press down hard, rolling it over the fabric. This will force the paint to evenly distribute on the fabric. Do this a couple of times and then carefully peel off the fabric. Now all you have to do is wait for the paint to be completely dry and then you can use the fabric for pillow cushions or anything else. It’s simple, it’s fun and it’s creative.{found on designmom}.