Creative Dish Drying Racks & Self-Drying Dishware

Designed by Spanish Amor de Madre. Aurea is a collection of 3 frames, that can be a drainer or a container for mugs, dishes and bottles.  It has a unique and simple design that will definitely give your kitchen an artistic look.Those who love to collect fine wine will need a wine rack in their home to store all of their great bottles. If you have just begun collecting your favorite bottles of wine it is important that you choose a wine rack that will be able to store the number of bottles that you plan to have and in the correct way.The wine bottle holder can be small and yet it looks sturdy enough to hold your favorite wine.

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If we need the storage space we can use hanging shelves, because, besides being practical and saving more space.Also there can be used to beautify the kitchen because they can be placed on elements and decorative accessories.