How To Use Chalkboard Paint To Make A Table Stand Out

It’s a general rule that chalkboard paint can make everything fun and interesting. The focus today will be on the dining and coffee table and the accessories that go with it. We’ll have a look at a few DIY projects that use chalkboard paint in simple and intriguing ways.

Chalkboard paint for kids table
Closer look to Chalkboard Paint

The first project is a lovely table and chair makeover. What used to be a plain-looking set formed of a small table and two dining chairs became a chic furniture combo that would look lovely in any home. The small table for two got a new and improved look. The frame was painted pale pink and the top was coated with chalkboard paint. The chairs match the table both in design and color.{found on scoutvintagecollective}.

Another chalkboard coffee table with a red base

An old coffee table can easily be revived with a little bit of paint. Consider chalkboard paint for the top because it allows you to personalize the table in a lot of fun and interesting ways. For example, the kids would have a lot of fun drawing on it. {found on 2littlesuperheroes}.

Cool Chalkboard Serving Tray

Such a project would be really easy actually. Let’s say you already have a table you can use. You can start by painting its frame for a nice and fresh look. Don’t waste time painting the top. In fact, it’s best to live it like that. Sand it and then apply chalkboard paint but not before you tape off the edges in order to get clean and smooth lines. {found on sunlitspaces}.

Chalkboard paint and a paint brush

Consider doing such a project for the kids. They’d really enjoy having a table on which they can draw with chalk. The supplies needed for such a thing include an old table, sanding paper, white paint, chalkboard paint and a paint brush. Clean the table and sand down any prior paint or lacquer. Paint the bottom portion white and then use chalkboard paint on the top and drawer. Let it dry and then let the kids enjoy it. {found on andcute}.

Old coffee table makeover with chalkboard paint

A chalkboard top can suit a coffee table really well in a lot of different cases. Such a design detail can go well with both modern and rustic designs. Have a look at the makeover featured on Lizmarieblog. It’s a cute little coffee table which used to be white and boring. After it was stained, the top was coated with chalkboard paint and this really cheered up the whole design of the table.

Chalkboard paint coffee table

Three coats of chalkboard paint should be enough to make a tabletop stand out. What’s really great about this type of projects is that they can be applied to outdoor furniture as well. So next time you want to replace your old living room coffee table with a new one, get a roller or a paintbrush, some chalkboard paint and try the project featured on Thehandmadehome.

Cool Chalkboard Serving Tray

Don’t want such a dramatic change for your dining/ coffee table? Then perhaps the idea offered on Domesticsuperhero would be a better option. Here you can find out how to make chalkboard serving trays. You need chalkboard spray paint, a piece of wood, painter’s tape, finishing wax and wood stain.