Creative Bookbike by BYografia

Bookbike is an unusual, intriguing and also very clever creation. It was designed by BYografia and it seems to be a strange hybrid between a bookcase and bike storage. It seems interesting and it would really spice up the atmosphere in a modern or contemporary home.However, even though I find it very interesting and smart, I also find it unpractical and not that functional either. It might seem like you can save a lot of space by storing your bike there, but the truth is that you can’t just come home with your dirty bike and just hang it there, near your books, in the room. It’s more like a decorative piece for people who like bikes but don’t like to ride them.

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Bookbike is both for reading and riding. The unit features two different parts. On one side there are some shelves for the books. There you can nicely store and display your favorite books or other small objects. On the other side there’s a hook for the bike. This allows you to store and display your bike right there. It seems to be a space-saving solution as well as a nice and unconventional decoration for the house.

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Bookbike pictureView in gallery

Moreover, the rack is adjustable and this means that it can accommodate a bike of any size. The base of the unit is equipped with adaptable legs to ensure the stability of the structure. Bookbike has a minimalist design. It has simple lines and a modern feel. However, it also has a vintage touch. It comes in two different colors: chalk white and gray anthracite.