Creative Balcony Designs We Love

You might not know what to do with your balcony, but there are ways to make it a unique and creative area in the home. Here are some interesting ideas to refresh balconies.

Take a Deep Breath.

Balcony lounge chair
A Zen-Designed Balcony is the Perfect Meditation ‘Room’

The balcony is a great place in your home where you can create a charming lounge area. This uses the space constructively and forms a calming area where you can relax.

Make Your Balcony an Extended Room.

Bedroom balcony
Flow from Your Room to Balcony to Create Theme Unity

A balcony can help to create the illusion of a larger space inside your home. It also looks classy when you decorate it in the same theme or color palette as the room from which it extends. When the doors opening onto the balcony are left open, the balcony looks like part of the room. This can enable you to use the balcony for extra storage space, such as a cabinet or coffee table, because it is part of the bedroom or room where it belongs.

A Balcony Garden.

Balcony city lights view
A Garden Overlooking the Sky

You might not have space to grow plants in a garden, and maybe you don’t even have a garden at your disposal, so why not add some nature to your home by using the space on your balcony? The railing could become a spot for geranium plants to hang, or you could place potted plants on the floor.

Balcony fence
Balcony Bites

You could also grow your own vegetable garden on your balcony. To do this, make sure you consider some important factors, such as having adequate sunshine and containers which have water reservoirs.

Escape to the Balcony!

Balcony wood
Small Balconies can be a Delightful Escape

You don’t need to have a sprawling balcony – a smaller, more private one can be stylish and cozy.

Take a Seat!

Balcony furniture
Match Your Chairs to Balcony Space

Make sure your seating choices match your balcony. For instance, if your balcony is long you could place a bench on it. On the other hand, if it is smaller, bistro-style French chairs could work because they’re pretty without taking too much room.

Lighting Options Create an Ambiance.

Modern balcony design
Lighting Works with Your Décor Theme

Just because your balcony is outside, it doesn’t mean lighting options are not important.  Rather, this is the area in the home where you can go to town with the kinds of lighting you want because you can get away with more lavish or eclectic ideas than inside the house. Lamps and candles create a soothing and restful ambiance, while a string of lights can be a bohemian or creative way to combine décor with balcony lighting. Keep your balcony theme in mind when choosing lighting.

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