Creating Zen Nooks & Crannies for Your Home

Relaxing and restful, refreshing and revived, sometimes you need a space in your house that does all of those things for you. Your home is your personal oasis, a place to rejuvenate, so, it’s only natural that at least one tiny nook is dedicated to just that. Creating a place of zen inside the house(Asian inspired decor) is easier than you may think. With the right colors and accents, a tranquil space will be calling your name in no time. Let’s get inspired and take a look at some real-life examples of zen nooks inside a house, apartment or even a dorm room!

1. Right under the stairs.

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Create a small zen garden right under your stairs. Grab the rake and go through the sand to rest your mind after a long day at work. Instant relaxation and a beautiful place to welcome guests into.

2. In the guest bathroom.

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Photography by David Young-Wolff

Shower your guests with relaxation and serenity. Cover the walls in a soft jade green, add wooden accents and other natural-inspired elements to create a place of zen. It’s clean in style but also tranquil in feel.

3. A tea room, please.

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If you’re lucky enough to have the extra room of even corner, create a tea room. Relax and enjoy inside with a traditional vibe and styling. Bamboo ceiling panels and simplicity are two of the best essentials.{found on adesign}.

4. Mute the bedroom.

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Your bedroom can be your zen nook or cranny in an instant. Use natural elements to accent the space and nix the bright colors that can be harsh on the eyes and the mind when it’s time to rest.

5. Refresh the dining room.

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Clear away the chaos and create a sense of peace in the dining room. Your guests will appreciate and enjoy the simplicity, as will you. It’ll take away some anxiety and stress in a heartbeat by leaving ‘just enough.’

6. Surrounding the pool.

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Some people party in the pool, while others use it as a place to enjoy and de-stress. And that’s exactly what was done to this beautiful pool area. Zen accents and tranquil inspired style are a perfect compliment to the minimalistic design.{found on site}.

7. Around the back patio.

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Create your own zen reading nook out in the backyard, whether in the cabana or just near the pool. Add whatever makes you feel as ease and stress-free. Whether that’s fresh florals, muted patterns or sunny colors, your zen has no rules.{found on site}.

8. Opened in the office.

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Open yourself up to nature and all it’s natural beauty by using the windows in your home office to make a statement. Being able to see the trees and feel the sense will provide yourself with a sense of calmness that no other lamp or lantern could ever do.