Creating the Ultimate Black Interiors for Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is just around the corner and there is nothing more intriguing than black interiors! The sophistication and drama of black is mysterious and it can be used in abundance or just as an accent in your room. While Halloween is traditionally about creating scary interiors that scare, instead let’s take a look at interiors that inspire and create a dramatic room that anyone would love to spend a sophisticated Halloween in. Here are ways to bring ultimate black color to your holiday home.

black interiors accents windows
Create a gorgeous home with black interior accents

Create instant drama in your home:

 If you’re trying to find a way to add instant dramatic appeal, there is no better color than black. Black takes the eye and creates a mysterious mood and appeal that homeowners love. Whether you choose to make your entire room with black walls, furniture, and decor, or you decide to only focus on a few key pieces, think of the mood you want to create. For a jaw-dropping room create a focal point with one dynamic piece of furniture, or use a fireplace or piece of artwork to make the room have a focus. Remember if you choose to do all black walls, ensure you have enough lighting – natural and artificial to make your room feel welcoming, and not cold.

black interiors dramatic color
Decorate your home with rich black and have an eye-catching focal point

Black as an accent color:

If you feel black as a base throughout your room is too powerful, then try using black as an accent color in your bedding, textiles, and decorative pieces on your tables, bookshelves, and even in your kitchen. The higher the contrast color definition the more dramatic the end result will be. Black and white is the highest contrast colors you can group together. For true Halloween intent – try painting black on the wall of your mostly white interiors, and see how you love it! Especially behind a white or bone colored built-in bookshelf, it will create drama without being over the top.

black interiors display
Use black to highlight a contrasting colored bulit-in bookshelf
black interiors accents
Even black window and door frames can create a pop of drama

Create drama with a black architectural feature: 

If you want to create a focal point in your interiors, consider bringing in a black architectural feature. A staircase, fireplace wall, or even a black kitchen range hood can instantly create a dramatic focus and create a “head-turning” experience once guests enter your home. I love how this wall adorned with black mosaic tile/rocks is highlighted with dramatic up lighting. Any time you use black to show off your space, ensure the lighting accompanying your space illuminates your architectural feature beautifully.

black interiors feature wall
Drama is king in a room with a black architectural feature wall!

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to rethink how to bring drama to your interiors with black. Whether you are trying to create a dramatic aesthetic or you’d prefer to create a subtle contrast with beautiful accents, black is goes with absolutely every color in the spectrum. If you are timid on how much black to showcase in your home, start off small. A black front entry door, or even changing a few textiles such as throw pillows, window treatments or just a few decorative items displayed on your bookshelves. You will love how Halloween will make you rethink how to add black to your refreshingly spook-inspired home!

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