Creating the Illusion of Space with Ceiling Color

If you are one of the several persons who found themselves in smaller rooms with lower ceilings, you don’t really have to worry about changing the size of the room in order to increase the height because there are lots of other ways to make those changes. The most viable among them is visually creating the illusion of space with ceiling color. The same thing is applicable if your home’s ceiling is very high and you want to draw it in a bit. If you use the wrong color in painting your ceiling or leave it unpainted, it might just worsen the situation in the interiors of your home. With the following tips, you will be able to make your ceiling look higher or lower.

ceiling color barrel vault
Add drama to any room with a dynamic ceiling color

Use of darker colors and lights:

If the ceiling in your home is too high, you can bring the height down to human scale by painting the ceiling with darker colors. This way, the ceiling and the overall feel of the large space looks more closed-in than it really is. You can also use pendant lamps and recessed lights to make your high ceiling feel and look lower. If the space is small but with high ceiling, you can paint the walls with lighter colors like very light gray and neutrals while the ceiling is done in a darker shade of gray to pull it in.

ceiling color bedroom
Create a “sky affect” with blues and sea foam green ceiling color

Use faux painting techniques and murals:

This is another unique way of adding visual appeal to the interiors of your home and diverting attention from your ceiling. If an accent wall is created, visitors’ eyes will always focus on the accent wall and pays little or no attention to the ceiling itself. For the best results, the ceiling should be painted in lighter colors than what is used on the walls but they should be matching colors, not contrasting.

ceiling color dining room idea
Tray ceilings painted complimenting colors

Create an illusion of depth:

Ceilings are considered the fifth wall and many homeowners forget that the ceiling can create the illusion of depth with adding darker colors and can also bring a super-sized room down to human scale with an interesting ceiling color.  Darker colors such as espresso brown, royal blue and charcoal grey can make your room feel smaller. While lighter color neutrals, and soft pastels can create an illusion of space and height.

ceiling picture inteirors
Wood ceilings add color too!
ceiling color dining room
Contrasting colors add a sophisticated ambiance to any room

As far as decorating small spaces and enhancing the look of the ceiling is concerned, it is more connected with tricking the human eyes by making the space and ceiling look different from the way they really are through colors and lights. By utilizing any of these tips, you will be amazed with the end-result of the project.

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