Creating the Ideal Entertaining Outdoor Home this Autumn

Autumn has officially set in and there is no doubt that spending time outside with friends and family can be more enjoyable than ever.  Depending on where you live the temperatures are just about perfect for having a weekend pool party, or enjoying crisp autumn evenings in front of an outdoor fireplace. Here are some ways to enjoy your autumn outdoor home with fun entertaining ideas to maximize the ambiance of the season.

nighttime outdoor entertaining
Entertain this fall with beautiful color

outdoor entertaining autumn idea
Enjoy autumn in your outdoor home

Bring out autumn colors in garden furniture:  

One way to bring out autumn ambiance is with colors of the season. From reds, golds, and burnt umber orange, these colors are perfect in your outdoor garden furniture cushions, throw pillows and outdoor area rugs. The great part about all-weather cushions is the ability to change them seasonally. Your guests will love the color it adds to your outdoor patio and you’ll love how it adds color to your entertaining space without having to heavily decorate!

Outdoor porch area
Liven up your outdoor entertaining area with a fireplace

Ensure lighting is ideal for outdoor activities:

While you may not think about it, outdoor lighting is essential to your autumn entertaining. As the sun sets sooner than the summer months – ensuring your guests are able to linger into the evening hours is important. Consider installing landscape lighting for your surrounding plants and water features and architectural lighting at your patio, arbor, and canopy areas. On your outdoor tables use lanterns and candles and add ambiance with string lights in above trees and outdoor umbrellas. There is something magical about unique lighting, especially around a firepit, chiminea or outdoor fireplace. Perfect for roasting marshmallows.

pool outdoor autumn entertaining
Lighting is key for evening outdoor entertaining

Prepare your outdoor summer kitchen for entertaining:  

Just because your outdoor grill area is referred to as a summer kitchen doesn’t mean it can only be used through the hot summer! Fire up the barbecue this fall and have friends over for a cookout amongst fall’s turning leaves. While summer is a great time to eat outdoors, fall creates an atmosphere that is pleasant to be out in the moderate temperature and you can bring festive decoration around your summer kitchen as well.  Decorate with colorful fruits and vegetables in autumn colored bowls and vases, and use planters full of bursting foliage to add texture and visual beauty. There is nothing better than sharing a great meal outdoors and the chef preparing delicious food at the grill. Consider having guests bring a potluck – or everyone brings a dish to add to your grilling out experience.

outdoor summer kitchen
Your summer kitchen is perfect for fall too!

Autumn is here and before you know it, winter will be right around the corner and the days and nights of eating outside will be long gone. Get out and enjoy entertaining in your outdoor autumn home with beautiful colored cushions, planters, and enjoy grilling, eating or just enjoying conversation around the fire. Autumn is perfect for a bonfire too! If you live near the beach – opt for this great fall entertaining idea. Whichever you choose your guests are bound to enjoy this festive season.

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