Creating An Impression By Replacing An Entrance Door

Your entrance doorway is one of the first things guests will see when they visit your home, so it is worth thinking about if you want to impress them. Entrance doors are available in a huge range of styles and sizes, but commissioning a bespoke one will add a unique touch that lingers in the mind. Whether you are specifying a front door for a new build project or simply updating your home’s frontage there are some design ideas to think about before you make your choice.

Simple Lines.

Split door
Simple modern entrance doors

Keeping an entrance way simple and elegant can be a good way of creating an impression of understated taste. Simple lines, rather than ornate designs, create a calm, welcoming atmosphere. Sometimes entrances which are visually busy and detailed offer a greeting that is too strident. Choose a door that suits the rest of your home’s architecture, but be bold enough to keep it elegant in its simplicity.

Use Glazing.

Split door
Glazed entrance featuring a wood bench & potlights

Glazed entrance ways work very well in contemporary homes. Ensure that a glazed front door does not overlook the living spaces of your home and that visitors will only be able to see into a hallway or reception area. Modern, toughened glazing will mean that you are not compromising with security if you opt for a fully glazed entrance.


Split door
Traditional mountain entrance with wood doors and beams

Traditional porches, that extend out from the rest of a property, create a sense of self confidence in a home. If your budget will allow for it, rather than replace your front door with a new one, build a porch on to the front of your house. Porches make for an ideal area to receive visitors and take deliveries, and as such they can add to your sense of security without creating a sense of vigilance.

Storm Shelters.

Split door
The door is blocked by the wall and wen you open the door people from the outside can not see the inside

Storm shelters, which provide a little protection from the elements whilst you access your home, are an often overlooked element of architectural design. Because of their functional nature storm shelters are not very glamorous. However, with some thought given to lighting and the materials use a shelter can really add to the impression of a home. A good idea is to incorporate a recessed lighting and storage unit, for boots and wet weather gear.

It All Hinges On Design.

Split door
The rotating door makes the space multi-purpose and versatile

Entrance doors are visually extremely diverse, but they all work in the same way, don’t they? Doors with hinges that are offset from one side, towards the middle of the opening, create a novel impression of a well designed home. Bi-folding doors tend to be used at the rear of a home, to make a room open up on to a garden or patio, but there’s no reason why a twin hinged door should not be used for an entrance way, too.

Surround to Impress.

Split door
Seasonal front door decoration ideas

Entrance way surrounds are a good method of updating a front door. By installing an arch or a similar surround, you will add profile to your entrance. Made from wood, vinyl or stone, door surrounds are available in standard door sizes from many manufacturers. A classic doorway surround will be installed in a color that is lighter than the front door itself, to create contrast.

Split Doors.

Split door
The amazing split door

Horizontally split doors, often referred to as stable doors, are seldom used as entrance ways. However, they are an excellent choice for a front door because they offer benefits that other doors do not. Split doors allow for some additional security, because you can open the top half of the door to greet a visitor, but keep the bottom half locked. They are great if you have young children or pets, since the bottom half will prevent them from running outside. They allow for ventilation during the summer without having to open the whole of the entrance. If you are replacing your front door, consider a split door to do the job.

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