Creating An Eclectic Kitchen in 5 Steps

Mixing the old with the new. Patterns with solids. Florals with stripes. Modern edges with vintage lines. Eclectic rooms are trendy, stylish and full of personality! It’s fun to just take a bunch of items you love and create an inspiration space. And today, we’re talking about the kitchen. One of the most cheerful rooms of the house, it’s easy to create an eclectic kitchen by adding and enhancing several essential pieces.

1. A funky kitchen island.

Play with colors in kitchen

Whether you have a contemporary island and use unique bar stools to jazz it up or you’ve created a custom design all your own, this piece can surely bring a lot of original personality to the space. From metals to woods, or a mix of the two, this is a great way to bring in some eclecticism to the room. Of course you can accessorize the top as well. Just be sure to pay attention to this space as much as you would the table, cabinets and walls.

2. Mix themes.

Play with colors in kitchen

Use futuristic chairs, rustic cabinets and contemporary light fixtures. Yes, it all sounds a bit strange. But, when done right, you’ll be loving the outcome. Throw in a vintage armoire to hold you good China or baking supplies. Then put down a native-inspired rug to seal the deal. Use pieces you love, even if they don’t make sense at first.

3. Display everything.

Play with colors in kitchen

Let your cookbook collection roam free in the nooks of the counter tops. Hide playful pieces of art behind some of the snacks. Display your sprinkles in pretty glass containers. This miss-moshed look is exciting and fun! Show off your personality without being worried about matching.

4. Pay attention to texture.

Play with colors in kitchen

You don’t even have to use a lot of color or patterns to create an eclectic look. Instead, you can just pay attention to each piece’s texture. Stainless steel appliances, a tile floor, wooden walls and chairs …. although it’s not a light and bright room, it’s still quite eclectic in style. An easy way to create a look is to use textural pieces.

5. Play with colors.

Play with colors in kitchen

Of course, playing with colors is always an easy way to show off your eclecticism. Bright floral patterns and pops of non-complimentary colors can, in fact, look great in a space together. Buy different colored plates, glasses and kitchen utensils. Use a fun curtain and paint the walls absolutely any color you’d like. Just don’t be scared to put both feet in, once you’ve committed you have to take it all the way or your kitchen will just become a big mess.

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