Elements Needed For Creating A Warm, Rustic Bedroom

Natural elements, textural pieces and inspiration stemming from a rugged, organic foundation, rustic elements come from a very defined and specific style. When you’re cultivating a space with a certain interior genre in mind, you’ve gotta do you research and weave those accents and details into every nook and cranny possible. We’re showing off all of the necessary elements when transforming a bedroom into a warm, rustic personal getaway. From the foundation to its accessories, here are 20 ways to create a rustically-inspired space you can enjoy every night of the week.

1. Monochromatically Neutral

Monochromatically Neutral With a Rustic Night Stand

When  it comes to rustic decorating, color isn’t at center stage, instead it’s the texture. And to show off that texture you need to keep with neutral colors and tones throughout the entire bedroom. It’ll help give the space a much more relaxing ethos as well.{found on mhouseinc}.

2. Wooden Foundation Pieces

White bedroom with wooden headboard

From the walls to the floor, wooden panel will become your best friend when cultivating a rustic space. Even the foundation to your bed or dresser should be made with this natural idea in mind.

3. Romantic, Amber Lighting

Old rustic bedroom with natural light

To create a cozy, welcoming essence you’ll want to provide lighting that isn’t too crisp or bright. Instead, amber colors are the way to go when deciding on fixtures.

4. Some Form of Fire


From the addition of candles to having the luxurious of a fireplace built right into the house if you can incorporate a bit of fire into the bedroom it’ll help your rustic vision come full circle.

5. Textural, Layered Bedding

Textured bedroom with white bricks

There’s a welcoming, enveloped feeling you’ll get from a layered, tousled bed full of plush blankets, fluffed pillows and crisp sheets. Add different textures and a variation of neutrals when topping the bed.

6. Plush, Soft Throw Rugs

Rustic bedroom with cowhide rug

From faux fur to velvety materials, break up the wood panels or neutral carpeting with something softer. This creates layers and textures of interest all of which you need when creating a rustic, yet warm, bedroom.

7. Different Woven Materials

Different woven materials

Baskets, wall art, blankets or rugs, woven accents are another way to bring a natural, homemade feel into your rustic escape.

8. Antique, Handmade Chairs

Hanging beds and antique chairs

If you have a bedroom that’s big enough add a wooden rocking chair or textural, vintage piece to the cozy. It’s all about transforming and that starts with the details.

9. Country-Styled Accents

White washed rustic bedroom beams

Add some flea market inspiration to the side tables and dressing when styling the space. Mason jars, jugs and more – get creative with your accents.

10. Wooden Benches or Footstools

Rustic bedroom wooden bench end bed

If you need something to finish off the bench, whether a simple footstool or bench, go with wooden pieces. The more natural the better for bringing in that rustic charm.

11. Subdued, Mixed Prints

Rustic bedroom mix print

It’s okay to mix prints when decorating inside your rustic space. But go with more subdued choices that aren’t loud, overwhelming or too harsh on the eyes.

12. Masculine Florals

Masculine rustic bedroom design

Florals can be masculine too, in a sense. Flower patterns on the bed, floor or windows coming in washed out shades or neutral colors can cozy up a rustic home with a more masculine energy.

13. Stone or Brick Walls

Stone or brick walls for a rustic decor

Allow yourself to leave things in an exposed fashion. A brick accent wall or even one full of stone, can add to the texture and fun of a country-felt space.

14. Exposed Wooden Beams

Exposed wooden beams for a rustic bedroom

It’s also okay to leave wooden beams exposed or create the look yourself. From the ceiling to the floor, the details matter when creating a room that’s specific to one style and vision.

15. Creamy Whites, From Top to Bottom

White bedroom with old doors for headboard

Utilize whites, especially if you decide to add a lot of wood accents and foundation pieces. This will brighten, lengthen and create the illusion of more space inside the room.

16. Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor to ceiling windows - Mountain view

Get a view from outside, especially if you’ve got a great view of the mountains or other gorgeous, natural setting. This will also bring in some sunlight creating more space and better lighting.{found on prentissarchitects}.

17. Some Industrial Effect

Industrial touch to a rustic bedroom

A bit of metal, with no shine or sparkle, can be adding in your light fixtures or furniture pieces. A bit of edge, masculinity and another bit of texture that we love can really add to the overall interest of the space.{found on jeanneoliverdesigns}.

18. A Touch of Modern

Rustic bedroom with a touch of modern

Add a bit of modern aspects to the space to create a more stylish version of the rustic scene. Crisp whites and innovative ways to decorate (like this bench) are a few ways to sprinkle the contemporary bits.

19. An Edgy Chandelier

Master rustic bedroom design with chandelier and fireplace

Don’t be afraid to go with a larger light fixture to focus the room. But if you go with a bit of industrial edge or something ultra rustic you’ll get that warmth and charm while staying within the details.

20. Nix the Chaos

White washed rustic bedroom beams

Keep organized. A major element in making a rustic room seem both relaxed and beneficial for enjoyment as well as stylish is keeping things together and tidy!