Create your own patio with the Sky Deck Table

With a small balcony or with no balcony at all is definitely not what we would hope for our home to be like. But if that’s the case, there’s still hope. With the Sky Deck Table you can easily turn your tiny balcony or even the fire escape into a lovely patio. That’s because this table is portable and can be easily installed just about anywhere there’s a handrail.

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The Sky Deck table was designed Torafu Architects to be attached to a handrail and it has a very simple mechanism that makes it easy to use. This ingenious table was designed for those who lack a spacious balcony or deck. It’s crafted from Canadian red cedar and has a simple, strong and durable construction. It features a folding arm underneath it that has a protruding dowel that easily wraps itself around a railing. It’s a very practical item that you can take with you on the fire escape from lack of any other open space.

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The table will allow you enjoy a drink without worrying it will fall over the side. It’s not the same as having an actual table with chairs and a spacious terrace to put them on, with it’s still better than nothing. It’s an item that allows you to cleverly extend the little space you have available. The Sky Deck table is manufactured by a small city in Japan that has been devastated by the tsunami so any purchase you make will help the residents rebuild their homes and everything else.