Create your own home office desk

Each home office is different. There are several elements that shape this space. For example, it all depends on the amount of space you have available, the style chosen for the rest of the rooms, the personal needs and preferences. It’s why finding furniture that fits those criteria is often very difficult. But why not make your own office desk? This way you can control every aspect and design it exactly as you want. Here are a few ideas:

Corner desk.

Corner diy office2View in gallery

Corner diy officeView in gallery

Corner diy office1View in gallery

To make a corner desk similar to the one in the pictures you will need an old desk and two file cabinets. Start by painting the desk top and the cabinets white or any other color you want. Remove the legs and hardware from the desk and use braces for the back corner. You can make those from metal plates. The desk will rest on the file cabinets placed at either end.{found on scottdesigns}.

Craft desk.

Craft office1View in gallery

Craft officeView in gallery

This practical craft desk can be made using cubicle storage units, one sheet of MDF, four 1×4” boards, two table legs, white primer and paint. First put together the cube shelves. Attach them with two boards to make the structure stable. Then paint and seal the tops and everything else with varnish. Attach the legs and the tops and make sure everything is secure.{found on jannypie}.

Large desk.

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To make a large custom desk you first need to measure the length of the area you want to place it in. Then buy the wood and start sanding the pieces. Stain the wood and let it dry. Apply two or three coats of stain. Then start building the base for the desk. Secure the planks together with leftover wood and install the L-brackets. It’s an easy project and doesn’t take much time to complete.{found on aubreyandlindsay}.

Minimalist desk.

Floating deskView in gallery

Floating desk1View in gallery

The materials needed for this project are two 6 ft. oak boards cut into two 5 ft. long sections and two 5 in. long sections, three 4 in. metal L-brackets, stud finder, an electric drill and twelve 2 in. long wood screws. First drill the pilot holes for the screws in the top and bottom boards. Mount the top to the wall using L-brackets and studs. Then screw the bottom and sides to the top. You can then add a coat of oil or varnish.{found on designsponge}.

Modern desk.

Modern black officeView in gallery

After gathering all the materials needed you can start by making the sawhorse legs. You can use three pieces of pine glued together. Two of the legs need to have a hollow center so you can run a power cord in one and an internet cable in the other. Trim the legs to the final dimensions and cut a 15 degree angle at the top and bottom of each leg.

Modern black office1View in gallery

Then cut a 75 degree angle in each leg so it can be mounted to the oak runner that connects them. The table top can be an old door cut to size. Attach the top to the base.Then it’s time to focus on the cables. After that, finish the desk and you’re done.{found on thecheapgeek}.