Last-Minute: How to Create Fun (and Frightening!) Tabletop Vignettes in Black & White

Happy Halloween! For those of us who happen to love decorating at this time of year, we’ve seen enough orange and green and purple to last us a lifetime (or, at least, until NEXT October…). You might be surprised to discover that other color combinations are perfectly capable of exuding a sense of eeriness and spook.

Halloween Table Decor

Take black and white, for example. When thoughtfully laid out on a dining table, this simple and classic color combination will set a delightfully frightful table setting. Here are some ways of how to do it:

Halloween Table Setting

So, technically this setting isn’t entirely done in black and white, but let’s just go with it. The simplest of clean-lined white dishes work to emphasize anything else of contrast, both in color and shape. Black cheesecloth can be used sparingly in the centerpiece with excellent effect, as painted pumpkins (one of them declaring “poison”) and skulls are mounted and displayed prominently in the center.

Halloween Table Decoration

A plastic spider in the center of the dish adds the perfect touch of creepy-crawliness, and striped straws within mason jars are unorthodox and whimsical.{found on todayscreativeblog}.

Halloween table decorations and centerpieces
Keeping things simple with all-white dishware, this table plays up contrasts. The simple centerpiece of blackbirds “trapped” in an apothecary is the first detail we notice. Then our eyes are drawn to the somewhat macabre black pumpkins awaiting, what, exactly? To be eaten? I love the simple details, such as a “mummy” sack for utensils and (in this setting, at least) eerily elegant dishware edges.

Halloween table decorations and centerpieces1
You can get away with keeping the actual tablescape fairly simple when your detail efforts go into the tabletop itself. A string cobweb atop a black tablecloth provides tons of visual detail and instantly makes the table feel festively Halloweeny. (To simplify your life, chalk lines drawn on black poster paper would create a similar effect.) Simple black, white, and clear glass table settings keep the cobweb the focal point, and small punches of color add life to the setting.


Black halloween decor table
I’m not sure that eating with a skeleton smiling (?) in your face is what we dream of doing, but at this time of year, why not? An eclectic centerpiece of all things Halloweeny, from a witch hat-wearing skeleton to oversized spiders to painted pumpkins and skulls, keeps the mood fun and light. Either that, or very very dark… Don’t forget to notice the black elbow-length glove as utensil holder. Morbidly beautiful.{found on findinghomeonline}.

Dsc halloween table decor
A black lace spiderweb is elegantly set off atop a white tablecloth. That detailed foundation is just the jumping-off point for the rest of this detail-laden table setting. From the red-eyed crow staring down at you to the skulls at each setting to the eye elegantly “served” on each plate, those who dine at this table will definitely feel like they are being watched.

Dsc halloween table decor1

I find the overdone décor here fantastical, mostly because the color scheme (black and white) is kept extremely tight, with only one pop of red (dare I call it blood red?) at each setting.{found on lindaaburt}.

Boo halloween table decor

Last but not least, this black and white(ish) setting is less spooky and more charmingly decorated. Fun patterned plates set the stage (I mean, who doesn’t love a harlequin diamond?), while cream-colored mini pumpkins add a casual textural vibe. I adore this setting![found on stonegableblog}.