Chalkboard Wall Calendars That Put Your Skills to The Test

Wall calendars are a lot of fun, both to make and to use. Of all the great design ideas out there, these chalkboard ones are among the most creative and ingenious. Sure, a lot of people don’t use wall calendars anymore but perhaps they would if the calendars were nearly as fun and interesting as the ones we’re about to have a look at. Of course, these projects are just suggestions. You can always customize and improve them in your own way.


If you want to take the term wall calendar literary, then you should convert an entire wall into a huge calendar. You can find some tips and ideas for that on ourfifthhouse. You’ll need some painter’s tape, a ruler and chalkboard paint. Use tape to also mark the weekdays on the top row. You could turn this into a fun feature for your home office or for a hallway, entryway or some other space.

Chalkboard Calendar Framed

Of course, most people prefer something less permanent, a wall calendar which they can remove if they want to. Even so, the calendar could still be huge. The project on thistlewoodfarms could be your source of inspiration. The main thing you’ll need for a similar project is a window with 30+ panes. Remove all the glass panels and replace them with plywood ones. Use chalkboard paint on them and nail them to the back of the window frame. Paint the days of the week across the top.

Wall chalkboard calendar

Let’s assume you like the idea of a calendar painted directly on the wall but you don’t want it to cover a lot of space. In that case, the project featured on lovelyhappylife would be just what you’re looking for. Select a wall section which you’re not using for anything else and tape the outline of the calendar on it. It can just be a rectangle. Apply a few coats of chalkboard paint inside this section and let it dry. Then draw the calendar on.

Advent chalkboard calendar

You should also check out the calendar idea featured on themerrythought. To make something similar you’re going to need plywood, chalkboard paint, number stencils, white paint, a foam paint brush, envelopes (if you want this to be an advent calendar), washi tape and greenery to decorate it with. Paint the front of the plywood and let it dry. Then stencil the numbers onto the board. Tape the envelopes below the numbers and add some greenery at the top.

Hanging chalkboard calendar

Another option is a canvas calendar which you can hang anywhere you want. It would be fairly easy to make. Start by painting the front side of the canvas with two coats of chalkboard paint. Then create a template and add the days of the week and the month using a white paint pen. Fold the top of the canvas over a wooden dowel and repeat for the bottom. Stitch beneath the dowel. You can find out more about this project on seamlessdays.

Birthday aniversary calendar

Instead of a big calendar, you could make a mini monthly calendar like the one featured on thinkingcloset. First you should make a scalloped stencil design and cut it out. You’ll be making the calendar out of chipboard so it should be pretty easy to cut. After that, paint the chipboard with chalkboard paint. Create a border around the frame with a paint pen and then add the dates and month name. You can make one of these for each month or you can reuse a single one.

Colorful chalk calendar

The chalkboard calendar featured on hawthorneandmain looks really simple and it actually is. You could make one in no time. It’s not exactly a chalkboard calendar since it only has a small chalkboard attachment at the bottom. You can improvise starting from this basic design and give your calendar any look you want.

Wheel chalkboard calendar

Another unusual design can be found on thistlewoodfarms. The calendar featured here is made out of a bicycle wheel. Obviously, if you want to make something similar, you’re going to need a bicycle wheel (without the tire) as well as some plywood, a hot glue gun, chalkboard paint and sticker labels. Trace some triangle shapes on plywood and cut them out. Sand them and spray paint them. Add labels with the days of the week on them and then glue them onto the spikes.