How You Can Bring Tropical Beauty Into Your House

There’s nothing you can compare a tropical retreat too. All the beauty, the lush vegetation, the sandy beaches and everything else naturally create a perfect place. But not everyone gets to enjoy so, for those of us who don’t live at the tropics, perhaps there’s a way to bring all that beauty in our homes.

Plan the layout.

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First of all, you have to organize the space. Renovations might be needed. If you already have a greenhouse or a large bathroom or kitchen, you can work with those. If not, the more space you have at your disposal the better.

An indoor greenhouse.

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If you decide to create an indoor greenhouse, make sure there’s good drainage. You’ll also need to install adequate lighting such as UV, plus a radiator so the plants have the proper conditions to develop.

Working with plants.

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When you have a large number of indoor plants, you have to take into consideration the hygienic aspect. For example, consider placing the plants in placed with metal, stone or tiled flooring such as the bathrooms, the laundry room or the kitchen.

Decorations and accessories.

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To create a tropical feel in a room, use polished wood, fabrics, brass and rich colors plus a selection of key accent details. You can place a bench at the center of the room and display bonsai, cacti and other small and flowering plants.

How to display the plants.

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First of all, decide how many indoor plants you want to have. After that, select how you want to display them. Individual pots are an option but you can also choose to create a garden-like look using half barrel planters for example.