Cream Floor Lamp

A lamp is a device that generates light and it is being used in every single house. You are practically using the lamp for the light but, with a neat design, you can use it to decorate your interior space. The ‘Bradie Cream Task Floor Lamp’ is an awesome lamp that has a cool contemporary look. The color of the lamp is a white, more like cream.

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The lamp is made of metal. The dimensions of the cream floor lamp are: H135cm W40cm. It has an wattage of  E27 60W GLS. The lamp is very light so you can move it with no problems wherever you want, whenever you want. The color of the lamp gives a calm feeling. The design makes the lamp look like a person, so when you use it, for reading, or something else, you will feel that you are with someone else, so you will never be alone. The feet of the lamp are made from one triangle one and one normal feet. The head of the lamp is caught with a chrome part. This part allows you to adjust the light in every point of the room you want, so you will use the exact amount of light you need.

The price of the lamp is £105.00. You can now have this fine looking lamp in your home, and I assure you that the interior design will change in a better way with the ‘genie lamp’.