Crashed Ferrari turned into a coffee table

When you crash a car you think that that’s the end of it. If the car can’t be repaired anymore there’s nothing else you can do about it. Well, that’s not what Charly Molinelli thinks. Charly Molinelli of Molinelli Designs created a very interesting and unusual coffee table. It’s a table shaped like a box with a totaled Ferrari inside. It’s a new way of looking at the problem. Even though the Ferrari is ruined, instead of becoming useless it’s turned into something functional.

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It’s such an unconventional idea and yet it seems so logical now that someone else thought of it. The Ferrari you see there is a real car. It had to be reshaped in order to fit inside the box that forms the coffee table. The design of this piece of furniture is very simple. Of course, the frame is just there for support. The star is the Ferrari inside it. The Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table is a great centerpiece for the living room. I wonder if other cars can be turned into a similar piece of furniture as well.

Ferrari crash coffee table2View in gallery

Ferrari crash coffee tableView in gallery

So just because your Ferrari is no longer usable it doesn’t mean you have to forget about it. You can turn it into a functional item for your home. It must be uncomfortable for some of you to always be reminded of your foolish mistake, but at least you got something out of it. Even though it seems very simple, the coffee table can’t just become a DIY project. First of all you need the equipment to shape the car so that it fits in the box. You can’t just make a coffee table the size of a car. So if you wish to be the proud possessor of a Crushed Ferrari Coffee Table, go to the professionals and contact the designer.{found on MAKE}.