Crane Planter Stand

I have a theory that people who love kids, animals and plants can’t be bad. If they love at least one of the above mentioned beings then they are selfless enough to care and to enjoy the company of someone else – a person, animal or even plant. I also believe that plants are supposed to be offered love, too, besides water because this way they will bloom and look great. I like plants and I like growing them in different pots and planters. It is very easy to decorate my home with them and when I want to make some changes but not with too much of a cost I simple change the planter or add something out of the ordinary. This nice Crane Planter Stand seems to be the perfect thing for you to use when you want to add some mystery and charm to your home design.

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Crane planterCranes are specific to the Orient, China to be more precise, so you can combine the planter with a nice Asian style. The planter stand is so well designed and manufactured of iron that you can hardly guess its use when empty. The graceful legs and necks of the cranes guard the stand that lies in between them and the flowers and leaves will fall on the sides. The dimensions of this planter (74cm H, 50cm W, 23cm D) recommend it more for outdoor use and the price (€298.00) makes you realize it is first an iron sculpture with a bronze finish and only after that a planter stand. The item can be found on Anthropologie.