Cozy Wooden Cottage Surrounded By Moscow’s Lush Forests

Located near Moscow, Russia, this wooden cottage is a cozy and welcoming retreat designed by Elena Sherbakova. Surrounded by lush forests, the cottage makes the most of its location and takes advantage of the privacy offered by the trees.

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The cottage is built of wooden logs and this allows it to blend in easily. Not only that, but the design and the choice of materials and colors also create a soothing and relaxing ambiance, making the cottage the perfect retreat.

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A large deck wraps around the cottage and there’s enough space for a covered outdoor sitting area. Here there’s a small and colorful sofa and various accessories made of wood and logs. It’s the perfect spot from which to enjoy the views even when it’s windy or raining outside.

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The interior is surprisingly spacious for a cottage. There’s an open floor plan which includes the kitchen, dining space and the living area. The rustic décor is complemented by a few modern elements such as the fireplace.

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The fireplace design is simple, sleek and elegant. It makes this piece a focal point. A series of individual seats are arranged around it, creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Large windows let in natural light and expose the social area to the views. Long curtains can break the indoor-outdoor connection when needed.

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The dining area is simple, with a sleek table and six classy chairs. The proximity of the fireplace lets the whole open floor plan feel cozy and inviting so there was no need to add warmth to the dining area through other methods.

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A rustic bar separates the lounge area from the dining zone. Three white bar stools act as barrier between these spaces and stand out because of the contrast despite their simple and neutral design.

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The lounge area is composed of a comfy couch and the wall-mounted TV and console. The curtains can block the light whenever desired, turning this into a really relaxing and comfortable spot, perfect for watching TV, reading a book or simply conversing with others.

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In front of the bulky but really comfortable couch is a quirky coffee table with a tree trunk base and a rectangular top.

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The open kitchen is adjacent to the lounge area, facing it directly. It was designed with white cabinetry and a minimalist and modern look overall. On one hand, this makes it contrast with the overall rustic décor but, on the other hand, there are enough modern accents in the cottage to let the kitchen blend in easily and to ensure a cohesive look.

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Other elements that ensure a coherent interior décor are the hardwood floors and the choice of lighting fixtures.

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The interior is eclectic and the way various elements combine and interact with each other is inspiring. Also, it’s really great how numerous cozy nooks and features give the cottage a warm and inviting vibe. Whether it’s a comfy couch, a set of accent pillows or a raised sitting nook, the impact is the same.

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The cottage has two bedrooms. They’re small but charming. One has the bed placed in the corner and a table/ desk with two chairs in front of a low window. The pitched roof doesn’t leave a lot of room for tall furniture.

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The second bedroom, on the other hand, seems a bit more spacious. That’s because of the high ceiling compared to the other bedroom and the fact that only essential furniture was included here.

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The bathroom spaces have a lot of character as well. The flooring, the sculptural washbasin, the log walls and the light fixtures are all elements that contribute to the final rustic yet chic look.

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The shower is placed in the corner and a comfortable armchair fits perfectly beside it. Perhaps it’s the combination of materials, the fact that the space is very casual-looking or the little things and accessories that give this room such a welcoming appearance.

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