Cozy Winter Escape: Aspen, Colorado’s “La Muna”

It’s this time of year, when the cold of winter seems eternal and many of us feel like we’ve been indoors for years instead of months, that many of us start to get a bit stir crazy. I have my doubts, though, that any similar thoughts even cross the minds of those lucky enough to spend some cozy wintery days in La Muna, a gorgeously natural renovated house in Aspen, Colorado.

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View in gallery

In the breathtaking natural habitat of the Red Mountain region, La Muna sits peacefully and at home among the trees, water, and mountain setting.

Masterfully renovated by Oppenheim Architects with reclaimed local resources (such as stone, wood, and even steel), the house’s exterior and interior alike exude the serenity of its surroundings.

The traditional wall boundaries of “inside” and “outside” are blurred with La Muna’s large glass walls. The transition from nature to indoor living is as beautiful as it is seamless.

Unique architectural elements, such as the occasional angled ceiling and walls, emphasizes the beautiful window views and creates cozy nooks throughout the home.

Reclaimed wood is used throughout the interior of La Muna – from floors to walls to ceilings, and even built-in furniture such as kitchen cupboards.

The repeated use of a textural neutral material like this reclaimed wood creates a lovely sense of serenity in a rustic space.

Lighting, whether it be overhead or wall sconce or otherwise, is kept strategically warm so as to maintain the natural atmosphere, mimicking the glow of firelight. Doing so also creates balance between the space’s softness and the brighter natural light streaming through the many window walls.

Of course, other natural – and softer – textures play a huge role in the comfort of the home. Yes, one could easily spend a lovely relaxing winter holiday in the simple yet sophisticated rusticity of La Muna.{found on raredelights}.