Cozy Swedish summer cottage near the lake

Swedish interior design is something very easy to recognize. It has some very distinguishable features that make it very hard to mistake for something else. Some of the elements that make it so unique include the immensity of white used for the walls, ceiling, even for the floor and the furniture, the minimalism and the ability to seamlessly combine styles.

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This lovely structure is a summer cottage and it’s located near a lake outside Tierp in Sweden. It’s a perfect example of classical Swedish design. The exterior is clean but not quite as transparent as we would expect it. The modest but inviting façade hides a very crisp and bright interior. Inside the cottage the rooms are almost overwhelming. They all feature crisp white walls, white or light wooden floors and white furniture. When you think about it, it’s refreshing to be surrounded by white during summer. It’s a sunny period and everything is bright. Another way of looking at this white décor is by associating the color with the snow.

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The white cottage might be simple but it’s not monotonous. Notice that there are accent features in each room that create a subtle color contrast. These features include the brick fireplace, the wooden table and cabinet, the light brown rug and the decorative sofa pillows. Also, there are natural plants everywhere you look. Everything seems so delicate and yet so refreshing.{found on Hemnet}.