Small Apartment Looks Cozy Through Eclecticism

The strategies one can use when trying to maximize the usable space in a small apartment are very numerous. Finding the right one, however, is always a challenge. The approach used by the architects of Egue & Sets when designing this apartment in Spain was a simple one.

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The apartment was renovated in 2015 and the main idea was to make it more spacious. The architects did that by removing all unnecessary walls and partitions. The delimitation of spaces is now done through contrasting flooring or by using furniture.

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The entrance leads into the social area which is composed of three spaces: the living room, the dining area and the kitchen. All three now form an open floor plan, with no walls or partitions between them. The dining table is placed between the kitchen and the living area and acts as a visual barrier without actually dividing the zone.

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Apart from the placement of these three areas, there are also other design elements that allow each one to have a distinct character. The floor tile design is a good example. The point where the Caprice mosaic flooring meets the Creations flooring is the limit between the living room and the rest of the open floor plan.

small apartment in Spain dining between kitchen and living areaView in gallery

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The walls also play an important role in defining each area. The exposed stone wall has the role of offering the seating area a cozy, warm and comfortable feel. The ombre wall is a way of adding color to the décor.

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The kitchen is white and minimalist. The only elements that create a bit of contrast here are the shelves and the kitchen countertop. LED lighting highlights the fresh and bright décor.

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A similar design strategy was also used in the bedroom. Here, a two-toned ombre wall links the space to the ceiling in a seamless and natural way while also setting a vibrant and playful ambiance. The rest of the décor is white and very simple. After all, too many focal points can be distracting.

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Ombre walls are actually a repeated motif throughout the apartment. You can see two-toned walls in almost every room. They are used as focal points and as a way to add color and character to the room without using up valuable space.

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The bathroom is very charming but this is no surprise given the rest of the design. An open shower with a glass partition occupies a small portion of the room while the rest is occupied by the toilet and sink. Once again, two types of flooring help visually define the two distinct zones without needing walls or partitions.

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A round Adnet mirror hangs casually above the wall-mounted sink vanity. The leather straps that wrap around it add texture and elegance to the room. In addition the brickwork pattern on the walls gives the space a cozy feel despite the white that envelops it.