Cozy Sleeping Porches For A Perfectly Relaxing Summer

Back in the day when there was no air conditioning, sleeping porches were the coolest and most wonderful place where you could sleep on hot summer nights. Now their usefulness is limited but they remain a nostalgic feature, especially great if you want to grab a nap with a fresh breeze.

Rustic summer porch sleeping areaView in gallery

A rustic sleeping porch with sliding doors is a great feature for a log cabin. Take a nap and leave the doors closed if the weather is not friendly and you can still feel close to nature and admire the views. This one has a cozy and rustic look.

Hanging beds for sleeping porchView in gallery

On a spacious porch there’s plenty of room for two beds so you don’t have to share your spot with anyone. Opt for day beds and hang them from the ceiling. Use them as sofas during the day and cozy sleeping beds at night or whenever you feel like taking a nap.

Stylish porch sleeping areaView in gallery

Maximize the functionality of your porch and have a day bed which you can also use as a sofa or bench and a table so you can enjoy your breakfast or dinner out here.

Communal lakeside vacation house ontario hanging porchView in gallery

A great swing bed which both kids and adults love. It sits on a simple platform and has a modern look to match the minimalist porch on this modern vacation house.

Pink framed bed on porchView in gallery

Add a little bit of color to your cozy porch. Paint the bed frame a bold shade like this coral. By the way, it looks really cozy to have an actual bed on the porch, with headboard, nightstand and everything.

Summer porch bedView in gallery

Here’s a sleeping porch I’d never want to leave. The bed seems just amazing and I love it how the doors slide open to let the fresh air in.

Turquoise summer porchView in gallery

A sleeping porch is a must have in a beach house. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to feel the breeze and fall asleep listening to the waves or simply enjoying the calmness and the peace and quiet.

Cabin summer roomView in gallery

If you have the space, you can turn your sleeping porch into a second family room or bedroom. Some rattan furniture would really complete the décor.

Sleeping porch bedroomView in gallery

It would be great to have floor-to-ceiling windows to cover two adjacent walls so you can admire the panoramic views. But don’t forget the curtains or shades so you can comfortably take a nap during the day.

Sleep outside for fresh airView in gallery

The hanging bed is just one of the many gorgeous features of this beach-style sleeping porch. Love the arch, the walls and the whole décor.

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