Cozy room designed with turquoise accents by Remodelaholic & DIY Showoff

his rooms looks very well put together and its design seems both modern and rustic, inviting and elegant. It was a project of two talented bloggers, Cassity of Remodelaholic and Roeshel of DIY Showoff. The team work really paid off when everyone saw the finished product. The project was completed in just 8 hours and it seems like a big success. There were some details that the designers would have wanted to look different but they had to work with what they had. An example are the drapes that would have looked better if they were longer or if they would have been hung higher. But it’s a small and insignificant detail compared to the overall look.

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The room combines modern and country elements and mix of styles works really well in this case. Not everyone can pull off such a combination, especially in such a small amount of time. The color palette is mostly neutral, with some vibrant touches in the rug and other decorative elements like the red chandelier for example. The rest of the furniture is simple but eye-catching.

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Overall, the rooms looks really inviting and cozy. It seems like a very comfortable place to spend the day in, relaxing or hanging out with friends. It’s a very cozy atmosphere dominating the whole place and it’s a very pleasant sensation. It really looks like a comfy room. I wonder how the rest of the house looks like.