Cozy reindeer skin rug

Even though I love animals and I would never want to hurt them, I still admit that there are some elements that require benefiting from them. It’s just the way things are, the natural cycle, the effect of the evolution, the trophic pyramid. So here I am writing an article about a reindeer skin rug. You have to understand that when such products are being created this doesn’t necessarily mean that the animals suffered from this.

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This rug for example comes from the Sami people in Lapland, who traditionally herd reindeer that use them for food, clothing and tools. This means that the reindeers weren’t killed just to take their skin but this is more like a consequence of other needs.

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Now to get back to our rug. It’s a very smooth and soft reindeer rug that would look beautiful in the bedroom or in the living room in front of a fireplace. Since the rugs are made from natural materials, each product will slightly differ in terms of color or size. The approximate dimensions of each rug are 140 x 110cm. The rug needs to be brushed clean and the reindeer pelt will eventually shed hair but it won’t go bald. It’s very soft and cozy and the perfect thing to put your feet on when you get out of bed on a winter’s morning. You can purchase the reindeer skin rug, also known as Hibernia blanket, sheepskin rug or filkin cushion cover for the price of £145.00.