Cozy kitchen nook makeover

Since the kitchen is now a social space and not just a cooking area, people have started to include comfortable pieces of furniture in here.Some have comfy chairs, others sofas and some even decided to create a kitchen nook. Here we have a regular kitchen with a couple of armchair sitting by the window and a small table in between. They were quite comfortable but the owners had an even better idea. They decided to turn this space into a kitchen nook.

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It took them 3 months to complete this project but keep in mind that they were only working at it during the weekends. They spent $1200 including the materials and everything else. Let’s see how they did it. First they built a sturdy base using wood. It had to be durable and strong. Then they also built a box with drawers for extra storage. A heavy-duty seat base was created using MDF and the drawers were installed. Side compartments were then added for additional storage but also as a display space.

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Next it was time to paint this nook and to add handles. When it was dry and ready, the cushions were installed. They had to be upholstered first. It turned out to be a very interesting project. It was less difficult than it seems and you can use it as inspiration for your own home. A kitchen nook is a great idea. It allows you to have a comfortable space to use while waiting for the ingredients to be ready or while you chat with friends.{found on designsponge}.