Minimalist With A Touch Of Cozy In A Moscow Apartment

Contemporary apartments designed to be minimalist don’t usually look very snug and cozy. It is, however, possible to have a home that’s both cozy and simplistic and what better way to show you that than with an example? Let’s check out this apartment in Moscow.

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It was designed in 2016 by ARCH.625, a studio with over 10 years of experience in the fields of architecture and interior design that adopts a holistic approach for all their projects, seeing them from conception to completion.

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The apartment has a total surface of 230 square meters so it’s quite big and airy. Add to that a minimalist interior design and the result is a very fresh and bright décor. But despite the austere color palette and overall simplicity, the apartment also feels really cozy and comfortable.

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The spaces smoothly flow into one another, creating a nice cohesion and seamless transitions. The architects used a selection a natural materials throughout. Teak and oak wood was used for most of the furniture and stone and concrete define the ceilings and other surfaces. Glass is also extensively used in the form of panorama windows and space dividers.

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The palette of materials and the overall colors give the apartment a timeless look and a refined and at the same time casual appeal. The biggest challenge for a designer is managing to figure out a personal style. The same thing applies to each individual project. Every home is different and unique so every time the approach and the style have to be singular and specifically created for the space.

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In the case of this apartment a simple design that would allow the spaces to feel fresh, bright and airy was preferred. That’s why the main color is white and the only contrasts are created with wooden furniture.

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The layout is linear and the spaces and functions are either divided by solid walls or tempered glass partitions with curtains. The living room and kitchen share the same zone. The only private area is the bedroom. White minimalist sectionals make up the seating area.

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The dining space is actually the link between the lounge space and the kitchen. A long and sleek wooden table is complemented by Ghost chairs, establishing a transparent and very airy ambiance.

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The liquid polymer flooring and the exposed concrete ceiling dialogue with each other in a strange and interesting way. There’s definitely some contrast between them but this doesn’t disturb the harmony. Underfloor heating allows the apartment to maintain its minimalist appearance while also increasing the comfort level.

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The living area is framed by large windows and storage units and a similar décor also defines the bedroom. In here the en-suite bathroom is enclosed in transparent glass walls. When privacy is needed curtains can solve the problem.

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By opting for glass walls for the bathroom the architects made it an actual part of the bedroom, eliminating the solid boundaries between the two spaces and allowing them both to look and feel larger than they actually are.