17 Gorgeous Fireplaces You’ll Totally Swoon Over

Nothing completes a room’s décor and ambiance better than a fireplace. This is a feature that can be integrated in any style. Its design adapts to the surroundings, blending in perfectly. To illustrate this idea, we’ve made a selection of gorgeous fireplaces belonging to a variety of different styles and categories

Chalet Sommet Fireplace - Courchevel France

Fireplaces are especially enjoyable when integrated into rustic decors. A beautiful example is Chalet Sommet in France, a welcoming retreat defined by a cozy ambiance and a rustic interior design. The stone fireplace makes the social area exquisitely inviting.

Chalet Trois Couronnes Bedroom Fireplace Verbier Switzerland

A mountain retreat without a fireplace is always incomplete. Imagine sitting here with the warmth of the fireplace enveloping you while admiring the snowy mountains. Even though the interior design and décor are not rustic, they still offer the same type of comforting beauty.

Les Fermes de Marie Hotel Chalet - Fireplace

The fireplace can be the focal point of the room. It can be the feature that stands at the base of the layout, everything else being organized around it. One such example is one of the Les fermes de Marie chalets in Megeve, France.

Chalet Pearl Fireplace - Courchevel 1850 France

Chalet Pearl in France features a rustic stone and wood fireplace at the core of an open floor plan. A series of seating areas and social zones are organized around it. By being placed at the center of the volume, the fireplace can spread its warmth and charm to the entire space.

Bentleys House Fireplace - Zurs, Austria

In a more traditional setting such as in the case of the Bentleys House, a beautiful retreat in Austria, a more robust fireplace can look lovely. This one stands out because of the color as well. A white cubic block sits between the living room and dining area, with framed decorations on it and candles on the mantel.

Beaon street modern fireplace

In a modern environment, the fireplace can be seamlessly integrated into the décor. It can be placed in the continuation of a wall unit or media cabinet or integrated into the wall. In this case, the platform below extends to also offer ample display space for a balanced look.{found on hacin}.

Chesetta St. Moritz, Switzerland Dec 2009

Modern and contemporary fireplaces are known for their eye-catching designs and unusual lines. Take this one for example. It’s a corner fireplace with a minimalist design. The platform which extends along the wall is the main focal point of the whole structure and stands out in a really subtle and elegant way.

The Lodge Living Fireplace - Verbier, Switzerland
The Lodge Bedroom Fireplace - Verbier, Switzerland

A common strategy is to integrate the fireplace into a wall divider structure. This is a really good example of how a fireplace can be a separator between two adjacent spaces. It can be enjoyed from both sides and serves as a visual separator between the spaces allowing them to feature distinct functions while remaining linked.{found on Virginlimitededition}.

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A particularly interesting type of fireplace is the one that’s ceiling-mounted. Being more compact than other types, a ceiling-mounted fireplace can hang at the center of a room without occupying any floor space. For example, it can hang above the coffee table and the firewood can be stored separately such as displayed here.

Chalet Cragganmore Fireplace - Chamonix, France

Ceiling-mounted fireplaces are ideal for large open spaces because they can be placed at the center without obstructing the views or occupying floor space. Such a layout suits really well spacious chalets and mountain retreats such as this one located in Chamonix, France.

Rustic mountain fireplace design for living room

And when space is limited, other design strategies can be adopted. For example, a small cottage can feature a fireplace along the window wall such as in this case. Two sofas positioned in front of the fireplace, facing each other, form a cozy and comfortable seating area. The fact that the fireplace is not particularly large or robust helps as well, allowing the room to stay airy.{found on interiormagasinet}.

Chalet Gstaad Fireplace

This design strategy also works for larger social areas. The fireplace can extend up to the ceiling, becoming the main attraction in the room. The whole area in front of it can accommodate a pair of sofas as well as additional seating in the form of armchairs or poufs.{found on amaldi-neder}.

Chalet Grace Fireplace - Zermatt, Switzerland

The views from Chalet Grace in Zermatt, Switzerland are breathtaking and the interior design is perfectly designed to capture the beauty of the landscape. A large lounge area with seating on three sides is dominated by a fireplace and comfy textures.

Au Coeur du Village Hotel and Spa Fireplace - La Clusaz, France

Fireplaces also go great with sophisticated interior designs. It’s all about the materials and finishes used. A metallic finish goes well with colors such as purple or blue. The fireplace should complete and complement the rest of the décor.

Chalet Trois Couronnes Bedroom Fireplace- Verbier, Switzerland

The bedroom is a great place for a fireplace, regardless of the style and design. The ambiance becomes really welcoming, warm and cozy, turning the room into a perfect space for relaxation. Add to that a set of full height windows and some gorgeous views and the package is complete, the décor memorable and inspiring.