Cozy Dimplex Electraflame Vienna Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are always great and they’re always cozy regardless of their design, look and principle. Still, traditional fireplaces have something that modern models can’t recreate. It’s that instant cozyness that they create, that inviting and familiar atmosphere. This is also what the Dimplex Electraflame Vienna electric fireplace offers.

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This particular model that operate in two different ways, either with or without heat. This makes this product especially versatile. Also, a very interesting element that I particularly like about this model is that it has safe-to-touch glass and it’s great for families with small children. They can touch the fireplace and even the glass without burning their hands. Moreover, the fireplace doesn’t contribute to indoor moisture, mold or ventilation problems, another great advantage to take into consideration.

The fireplace measures 22.3 x 60.4 x 47.4 inches and it weights 239.5 pounds. It’s a freestanding electric fireplace that can be placed anywhere. As for the design, it has beautiful details carved on its surface and a rich burnished walnut finish. The product features features a cutting-edge 32″ Multi-Fire firebox with Purifire air treatment system, a glass bi-fold door kit and an easy to use multi-function remote control. It’s actually more modern than it looks. Moreover, it includes an air filtering system that continuously removes allergens and other irritants. You can now buy it for $2,099.00.