Cozy Color Duo: Brown & Blue

Brown and blue are both classic and traditional colors that work well in a variety of spaces and places. They can provide cool tones and a calming ambiance or can add a jolt of energy and color to a room. Either way, when used together, these colors can be highly successful. Below, I’ve gathered several rooms that incorporate these colors especially well from a striped kid’s room to a colorful urban kitchen. Check them out below, and you’ll see what I mean.

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This home office has great design appeal for many reasons. First, it works well with many tastes, as elements like the light fixtures are true hallmarks of classic design. Next, the cool tones in the room including the blue wall create a soothing effect. Lastly, the rich brown desk grounds the space. Oh, and you can’t forget about the incredible exposed beams that finish off the room.

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This eclectic urban kitchen is bright, fun, and happy. A large part of that ambiance comes from the colorful tile on the walls, which incorporate brown, blue, and several other neutral tones. The blue accessories like the pitcher and chair help to add color to the room, while the brown cabinets help bring out the brown tones in the tile. Add some personality to any space with a fun chair like the one pictured here.{picture from here}.

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This contemporary bathroom features an incredibly unique blue sink that sits atop the rich, dark wood vanity like a crisp, blue flower. There is also a wood accent wall that the mirror hangs on, which allows the bright blue sink to pop off of it. Other accessories in the room complement this color combination as well like the blue towels and blue vase.{picture from here}.

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This incredible kid’s bedroom features a gorgeous striped wall full of rich blue and brown tones that are carried through to the large light brown zebra area rug. These colors also come out on the carefully selected accent pillows on the sofa as well as throughout other accessories in the room.{picture from here}.

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This room is extremely well designed. The lacquered wall is especially stunning, as are the chic, light blue chairs. The colors and artwork are carefully selected like the modern art above the fireplace and the soft geometric pattern on the rug. Ultimately, this room is a prime example of how well these colors work together.

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This is definitely a space any teenager or young adult would love for its fun vibe that is easily felt by looking at the bright blue chaise lounge and the fun hand rug on the floor. Thick brown valences finish off the space and make it feel more upscale.{picture from here}.

Ultimately, these rooms show that brown and blue are an incredible color combination that can be used in a variety of different spaces from kitchens to bedrooms to bathrooms. We hope you feel inspired to incorporate these fun colors into your home. Go off, get inspired, and design away!