Cozy boy’s room makeover

The transition from crib to bed is very important for kids. Of course, it’s not only the bed that needs to get a makeover. The whole rooms needs a change. Let’s see how other people dealt with that and get some inspiration from their work. This boy’s room got sophisticated makeover from Kathleen Hertzler. She managed to turn the rainbows and pastel colors into neutral tones of gray. A baby’s room became a big boy’s room.

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The bedroom now has a cozy and rustic feel. It’s a lot more sophisticated than before. The walls have neutral tones and the ceiling is dark. These elements are great for the transition and they look beautiful in combination with the gingham curtains that complement the room perfectly. The room is very cozy and inviting. The designer spent several evenings and a few Saturdays over the course of about 3 weeks to redecorate this room. The cost was quite low. It only includes the paint, the ceiling fan and the jelly jar light. Everything else was already present in the room and was reused.

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Let’s analyze the steps. First, the room had to be repainted. This completely changed the atmosphere. The baby nursery was suddenly a whole new space. The most time-consuming part was breaking down the wood, sanding and cleaning the boards and reattaching them to the ceiling. After this part was done, the room needed to be redecorated. The designer used vintage items that the owners had collected over the years and included them in the new design. The new design is chic, sophisticated, cozy and completely different than the previous version.{found on designsponge}.