Cozy black guest bedroom makeover

Most people believe that bright colors are more relaxing than dark ones. However, this is only true in some cases. When it comes to specific areas of the house, sometimes darker is better. In the case of the bedroom for example, bright colors can be beautiful but not as relaxing as other tones. We have the perfect example to illustrate that idea.This bedroom recently got a complete makeover. It used to be nice but not as cozy and stylish as it is now. The most drastic change was probably the color of the walls. The bedroom used to have pale yellow walls. It wasn’t the best choice for this room. At one point it started to look old. As a result, the owner agreed on a drastic change. The far wall has been painted black. This has a great impact right from the entrance.

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The rest of the walls have been painted white. This way a very nice and strong contrast is created. Also, the black wall has a window and this further attenuates the impact the dark color has on the décor. I personally believe that darker colors are better for the bedroom. This way it’s easier to enjoy a good night sleep while not waking up surrounded by whiteness.

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The bed has remained the same. It has in good shape and it was also comfortable so there was no reason to change any of that. The window got some subtle blonds and a simple but practical nightstand was also included in the design. In order to create coherence inside the bedroom, the artwork has been chosen in similar dark tones. Another very beautiful detail are the white paper lanterns that have been added in the corner of the bedroom. They seem very light and their simplicity beautifully complements the whole room.{found on apartmenttherapy}.