Coway slow juicer for maximum efficiency

A lot of people have a juicer in their kitchen. Usually the families with children use them more because they prepare natural juice for their kids that is said to contain more vitamins and nutritious elements. When choosing a juicer, one criteria that people consider important is the speed that it operates with. They think that if it’s faster it has to be better.

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On the contrary, the effect seems to be inconsistent with this factor. Coway Juicepresso is here to demonstrate this theory. Juicepresso is a slow juicer. You might think it’s either outdated or less efficient but you couldn’t be more wrong. This slow juicer slowly and gently extracts all the nutriments and vitamins from the fruit without grinding or ripping them apart. This way you get more juice that has more vitamins. The fruits can preserve their flavor and color because of minimized friction and heat.

It doesn’t seem logical at first but the more you think about it the more it starts to make sense. So, as you can see, slow juicers are actually more efficient than the other ones. Slow and steady wins the race again. Coway Juicepresso also has a compact design so it doesn’t take a lot of space. It’s also characterized by slow operation noise and it’s very easy to clean.Available for € 400.